England National League North

England National League North

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DateRHome vs Away-
03/02 15:00 37 Alfreton Town vs Gloucester View
03/02 15:00 37 Boston Utd vs Spennymoor Town View
03/02 15:00 37 Chorley vs Rushall Olympic View
03/02 15:00 37 Darlington 1883 vs Banbury View
03/02 15:00 37 Kings Lynn Town vs South Shields View
03/02 15:00 37 Scunthorpe vs Chester View
03/02 15:00 37 Tamworth vs Blyth Spartans View
03/02 15:00 37 Warrington Town vs Bishop's Stortford View
03/02 15:00 37 Brackley vs Farsley Celtic View
03/02 15:00 37 Buxton vs Scarborough Athletic View
03/02 15:00 37 Curzon Ashton vs Hereford FC View
03/02 15:00 37 Southport vs Peterborough Sports View


Date R Home vs Away -
02/27 19:45 34 [5] Alfreton Town vs Kings Lynn Town [20] 1-1
02/27 19:45 29 [13] Farsley Celtic vs Rushall Olympic [21] 1-4
02/27 19:45 29 [7] Brackley vs Chorley [3] 1-0
02/27 19:45 29 [9] Curzon Ashton vs Darlington [23] 1-3
02/27 19:45 29 [6] Boston Utd vs Buxton [14] 2-3
02/27 19:45 33 [24] Bishop's Stortford vs Spennymoor Town [17] 0-1
02/27 19:45 27 [19] Banbury vs Peterborough Sports [15] 0-3
02/24 15:00 36 [12] Warrington Town vs Brackley [7] 2-2
02/24 15:00 36 [1] Tamworth vs Curzon Ashton [10] 0-0
02/24 15:00 36 [18] Southport vs Hereford [11] 1-2
02/24 15:00 36 [17] Peterborough Sports vs Rushall Olympic [20] 4-0
02/24 15:00 36 [21] Kings Lynn Town vs Farsley Celtic [14] 0-0

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The National League North, formerly the Conference North, is a division of the National League in England, immediately below the National League division. Along with the National League South, it is at the second level of the National League System, and at the sixth tier overall of the English football league system. It consists of teams mostly located in Northern England, the English Midlands, and East Anglia. In addition, it can include a small number of teams from the northern-most parts of the South West and South East. Since the start of the 2015–16 season, the league has been known as the National League North (Vanarama National League North for sponsorship reasons).

The longest tenured team currently competing in the National League North is Gloucester City, having been in the National League North since the 2009–10 season.


The Conference North was introduced in 2004 as part of a major restructuring of English non-League football. The champions are automatically promoted to the National League. A second promotion place goes to the winners of play-offs involving the teams finishing in second to seventh place (expanded from four to six teams in the 2017–18 season). The three bottom clubs are relegated to Step 3 leagues. Teams from this division, as well as from the National League South, enter the FA Cup at the Second Qualifying Round.

For sponsorship reasons, the division was known as the Nationwide North from its formation in 2004 until 2007, when it was renamed the Blue Square North. In 2010 it was renamed the Blue Square Bet North. When the Blue Square sponsorship ended in 2013, it was renamed the Skrill North until the 2014–15 season, when it was renamed the Vanarama North. A further name change followed in 2015, when the division was renamed the Vanarama National League North.

The National League North was scheduled to expand to 24 teams in 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic in England, the 2020–21 National League North season was curtailed and voided after written resolutions were put to a vote. No teams were relegated. Expansion would be at last implemented before the 2022–23 season when the bottom club was relegated and four promoted from Step 3.

The England National League North is a highly competitive soccer tournament held in Great Britain. It is one of the two divisions that make up the National League system, with the other being the National League South. The tournament features teams from the northern regions of England, including cities such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Newcastle.

The England National League North is known for its intense and thrilling matches, showcasing the best talent from the region. The participating teams consist of both professional and semi-professional clubs, each vying for the coveted title and the opportunity to progress to higher divisions.

The tournament follows a traditional league format, where teams compete against each other in a home and away basis throughout the season. The matches are played in various stadiums across the country, providing a vibrant atmosphere for both players and fans alike.

The England National League North serves as a crucial stepping stone for clubs aspiring to reach the higher echelons of English football. It offers a platform for talented players to showcase their skills and catch the attention of scouts from professional clubs. Many successful players have emerged from this tournament, making their mark in higher divisions and even representing their national teams.

The tournament not only promotes the growth and development of soccer in the northern regions of England but also fosters a sense of community and passion among fans. The matches are attended by dedicated supporters who create an electric atmosphere, cheering on their favorite teams and creating an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Overall, the England National League North is a prestigious and highly competitive soccer tournament that showcases the best of soccer talent in the northern regions of Great Britain. It serves as a breeding ground for future stars and provides an exciting and thrilling experience for both players and fans.