DateRHome vs Away-
07/24 13:29 1 Newcastle vs View
07/24 13:48 2 Newcastle vs View
07/24 14:07 3 Newcastle vs View
07/24 14:26 4 Newcastle vs View
07/24 14:44 5 Newcastle vs View
07/24 15:03 6 Newcastle vs View
07/24 15:22 7 Newcastle vs View
07/24 15:41 8 Newcastle vs View
07/24 15:59 9 Newcastle vs View
07/24 16:18 10 Newcastle vs View
07/24 16:37 11 Newcastle vs View
07/24 16:56 12 Newcastle vs View


Date R Home vs Away -
07/23 13:14 12 Newcastle vs View
07/23 12:59 11 Newcastle vs View
07/23 12:42 10 Newcastle vs View
07/23 12:26 9 Newcastle vs View
07/23 12:08 8 Newcastle vs View
07/23 11:51 7 Newcastle vs View
07/23 11:34 6 Newcastle vs View
07/23 11:18 5 Newcastle vs View
07/23 11:01 4 Newcastle vs View
07/23 10:43 3 Newcastle vs View
07/23 10:27 2 Newcastle vs View
07/23 10:09 1 Newcastle vs View
The Newcastle Greyhounds Tournament is an exhilarating and highly anticipated event in the world of greyhound racing. Held in the vibrant city of Newcastle, this tournament brings together some of the fastest and most skilled greyhounds from around the region, captivating both avid racing enthusiasts and casual spectators alike.

The tournament takes place in a state-of-the-art greyhound racing track, offering a thrilling atmosphere for all attendees. The track is meticulously designed to ensure the safety and comfort of both the greyhounds and the spectators, providing an optimal setting for an unforgettable racing experience.

The Newcastle Greyhounds Tournament showcases the incredible speed, agility, and determination of these magnificent dogs. Each race is a heart-pounding spectacle, as the greyhounds sprint across the track, chasing the lure with unmatched intensity. The crowd roars with excitement, cheering on their favorite greyhounds and eagerly anticipating the outcome of each race.

The tournament features a series of races, with greyhounds competing in various categories based on their age, experience, and skill level. From the young and promising pups to the seasoned veterans, every greyhound has a chance to showcase their abilities and claim victory in their respective races.

In addition to the thrilling races, the Newcastle Greyhounds Tournament offers a range of amenities and entertainment options for attendees. Spectators can indulge in delicious food and beverages from the various stalls and vendors, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. There are also betting facilities available for those who wish to add an extra layer of excitement to the races.

The Newcastle Greyhounds Tournament is not only a celebration of the sport but also a testament to the bond between humans and these incredible animals. It provides an opportunity for greyhound owners, trainers, and enthusiasts to come together, share their passion, and witness the sheer beauty and athleticism of these remarkable creatures.

Whether you are a seasoned greyhound racing fan or simply looking for an exhilarating and unique experience, the Newcastle Greyhounds Tournament promises an unforgettable day filled with speed, excitement, and the undeniable thrill of greyhound racing at its finest.