Austria EHL 01/23 15:00 41 EC Dornbirn Bulldogs vs Graz - View
Austria EHL 01/28 18:15 43 Graz vs HC TWK Innsbruck - View
Austria EHL 02/01 18:45 44 HCB Südtirol Alperia vs Graz - View
Austria EHL 02/04 18:15 45 Graz vs EHC Black Wings Linz - View
Austria EHL 02/06 17:00 46 Val Pusteria vs Graz - View
Austria EHL 02/15 18:15 47 Graz vs Vienna Capitals - View


Austria EHL 01/18 17:30 40 Graz v Fehérvár AV19 - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/16 15:30 39 [1] Salzburg v Graz 99ers [8] W 2-3
Austria EHL 01/14 18:15 38 [8] Graz 99ers v HK Olimpija Ljubljana [4] W 4-1
Austria EHL 01/09 16:30 37 Graz 99ers v HC TWK Innsbruck - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/09 15:30 42 [6] Vienna Capitals v Graz 99ers [8] L 1-0
Austria EHL 01/06 18:15 36 [6] KAC Klagenfurt v Graz 99ers [8] L 4-2
Austria EHL 01/04 18:15 35 Graz 99ers v Fehérvár AV19 - PPT.
Austria EHL 01/02 15:30 34 [7] Graz 99ers v EC VSV [8] L 3-6
Austria EHL 12/30 17:30 33 [10] HC Orli Znojmo v Graz 99ers [6] W 3-4
Austria EHL 12/28 18:15 29 [7] Graz 99ers v KAC Klagenfurt [6] W 4-3
Austria EHL 12/26 16:30 31 [13] EHC Black Wings Linz v Graz 99ers [9] W 0-6
Austria EHL 12/19 16:30 52 [5] KAC Klagenfurt v Graz 99ers [9] W 1-4

Wikipedia - Graz99ers

The Moser Medical Graz99ers are an Austrian professional ice hockey team from Graz, Styria. The club was founded in 1999 after the previous club, EHC Graz, folded prior to the 1998–99 season due to financial difficulties. The Graz99ers started in the 1999–2000 season in the Austrian National League, Austria's second division, where they were crowned instant champions. Since the 2000–01 season they have been playing in the ICE Hockey League (IceHL).


Hockey was played at Premier League level in Graz mainly from two predecessor clubs. The Hockey department of the ATSE Graz (Workers' Gymnastics and Sports Association Eggenberg) was founded in 1947 and won to date the only Graz Hockey club title at the top Austrian League level in the 1974–75 and 1977-78 season. The club was merged early nineties with the UEC Graz, shortly after the EC Graz emerged. In 2008, the Hockey section of was ATSE Graz reactivated on the league level. The new goalie was Ben Bowns.

The EC Graz (also called "the elephant") experienced under President Hannes Kartnig its heyday, finishing three times the runner-up title in the seasons 1991-92, 1992–93 and 1993–94 despite running at a high financial cost. After the departure of Hannes Kartnig, the football club SK Sturm Graz changed, they tried to rescue the EC Graz. When this plan failed, the EHC Graz was established in 1998, only to become bankrupt the same year.

Establishment and promotion to the Bundesliga

In 1999 Jochen Pildner-Steinburg founded the Graz 99ers as the successor club of the EC Graz to offer Hockey League back in the Styrian capital. The team premiered in the second division, the Austrian National League, finishing after 28 rounds played, in first place in the table. In the semifinals, the team continued after opening game defeat to persevere to a 3: 1 series win against the EHC Lustenau to meet EK Zell am See in the final. The series was decided in four games with Graz taking advantage of the opportunity for promotion to the Austrian Hockey League.