Leagues Played
Cuba Serie Nacional 133


Cuba Serie Nacional 05/22 18:00 - Pinar del Río v Mayabeque L 8-3
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/21 18:00 - Pinar del Río v Mayabeque W 0-10
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/15 18:00 - Mayabeque v Granma W 14-7
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/14 18:00 - Mayabeque v Granma L 1-14
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/09 18:00 - Mayabeque v Guantanamo W 6-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/08 18:00 - Mayabeque v Guantanamo L 4-5
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/07 18:00 - Mayabeque v Guantanamo L 1-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/04 18:00 - Mayabeque v Cienfuegos L 4-6
Cuba Serie Nacional 05/02 18:00 - Cienfuegos v Mayabeque W 0-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/25 18:00 - Mayabeque v Holguin L 3-4
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/23 18:00 - Mayabeque v Holguin W 7-0
Cuba Serie Nacional 04/14 18:00 - Mayabeque v Las Tunas W 11-10

Huracanes de Mayabeque (English: Mayabeque Hurricanes) is a Cuban baseball team based in San José de las Lajas. They are a member of the Cuban National Series and play their home games at Nelson Fernández Stadium, opened in 1960 and with a capacity of 3,000 spectators.


In 2011, Cuban government decided to split Havana Province into two newly created administrative divisions: Mayabeque Province and Artemisa Province. This led to the disappearance of the La Habana team and to the creation of the Mayabeque and Cazadores de Artemisa teams, who started playing in the 2011–12 Cuban National Series season.

The Mayabeque baseball team is a professional baseball team based in the province of Mayabeque, Cuba. The team competes in the Cuban National Series, which is the top baseball league in Cuba. The Mayabeque team has a rich history and tradition of success in Cuban baseball, with a dedicated fan base that supports them at every game.

The team is known for its talented players, strong work ethic, and competitive spirit on the field. They have a reputation for playing with passion and determination, making them a formidable opponent for any team they face. The Mayabeque team is proud to represent their province and showcase the talent and skill of Cuban baseball players to the world.

Overall, the Mayabeque baseball team is a respected and admired team in the Cuban National Series, with a strong legacy of success and a bright future ahead.