Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 01/07 01:05 3 Los Mochis v Culiacan L 2-6
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 01/06 02:05 3 Los Mochis v Culiacan L 0-2
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 01/05 02:05 3 Los Mochis v Culiacan W 7-1
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 01/03 02:30 3 Culiacan v Los Mochis L 4-0
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 01/02 01:00 3 Culiacan v Los Mochis L 7-2
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 12/31 01:00 1 Guasave v Los Mochis L 8-5
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 12/30 02:30 1 Guasave v Los Mochis L 3-0
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 12/29 02:30 1 Guasave v Los Mochis L 3-0
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 12/28 02:30 1 Los Mochis v Hermosillo W 7-1
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 12/27 02:30 1 Los Mochis v Hermosillo W 6-0
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 12/26 01:00 1 Los Mochis v Hermosillo L 3-4
Mexico Liga Del Pacifico 12/24 01:00 1 Mazatlan v Los Mochis W 0-2

The Cañeros de Los Mochis (English: Los Mochis Sugar Cane Growers) are a professional baseball team based in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. They compete in the Mexican Pacific League (LMP). The team plays at the Estadio Emilio Ibarra Almada with a capacity of 12,500 seated spectators.

The Cañeros have won the LMP championship four times in 1968–69, 1983–84, 2002–03 and most recently in 2022–23.


Cañeros de Los Mochis made their debut on 25 October 1947 in the Liga de la Costa del Pacífico (Pacific Coast League).

The Cañeros won their first Mexican Pacific League championship during the 1968–69 season, in which the top ranked team by the end of the season were crowned as champions. Los Mochis achieved this on 7 January 1969 by defeating Naranjeros de Hermosillo 6–3 in the final round robin. The team was managed by Benjamín Valenzuela.

In 1983–84, Los Mochis won their second LMP championship and classified for the first time in the team's history to the Caribbean Series. The Cañeros, managed by Vinicio García, defeated the Ostioneros de Guaymas in the final series, 4–2. In the Cañeros' debut at that year's Caribbean Series, the team finished second with a 4–2 record, and three Los Mochis players were included in the All-Star Team: second baseman Juan Francisco Rodríguez, third baseman Aurelio Rodríguez and designated hitter Jim Collins.

The Cañeros won their third LMP championship in the 2002–03 season, managed by Juan Francisco Rodríguez, defeating Yaquis de Obregón in the final series, 4–1. Los Mochis represented Mexico at the 2003 Caribbean Series, where they lost all their six games and ranked last.

The Cañeros won their most recent and fourth championship on January 28, 2023, for the 2022–23 Mexican Pacific League season. They defeated the Algodoneros de Guasave in six games.

Los Mochis is a professional baseball team based in the city of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico. The team was founded in 1945 and has since become one of the most successful teams in the Mexican Pacific League. The team's home stadium is Estadio Emilio Ibarra Almada, which has a seating capacity of 12,000 spectators.

The team's colors are blue and white, and their logo features a stylized baseball with the team's name written in bold letters. Los Mochis has a strong fan base and is known for its passionate supporters who fill the stadium for every home game.

The team has won several championships over the years, including the Mexican Pacific League championship in 1965, 1971, 1979, 1984, 1987, 1996, and 2005. They have also won the Caribbean Series twice, in 1987 and 1996.

Los Mochis has produced several notable players over the years, including Vinny Castilla, who played for the team in the early 1990s before going on to have a successful career in Major League Baseball. Other notable players who have played for Los Mochis include Francisco "Paquín" Estrada, who was inducted into the Mexican Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006, and José Luis "Borrego" Sandoval, who played for the team from 1995 to 2005 and was a key player in their championship-winning teams of 1996 and 2005.

Overall, Los Mochis is a respected and successful baseball team with a rich history and a loyal fan base.