BNXT Netherlands 05/28 18:00 1 Den Bosch vs ZZ Leiden - View
Netherlands DBL 05/30 18:00 1 ZZ Leiden vs Den Bosch - View
Netherlands DBL 06/01 18:00 1 Den Bosch vs ZZ Leiden - View


BNXT Netherlands 05/24 18:00 2 Den Bosch v Donar Groningen W 90-83
BNXT Netherlands 05/22 17:30 2 Donar Groningen v Den Bosch L 88-80
BNXT Netherlands 05/19 14:00 2 Den Bosch v Donar Groningen W 100-90
BNXT Netherlands 05/17 17:30 2 Donar Groningen v Den Bosch L 82-75
BNXT Netherlands 05/15 18:00 2 Den Bosch v Donar Groningen W 90-79
BNXT Netherlands 05/10 18:00 3 Yoast United v Den Bosch W 54-90
BNXT Netherlands 05/08 18:00 3 Den Bosch v Yoast United W 94-59
BNXT League 05/03 18:30 1 [2] Antwerp Giants v Den Bosch [3] W 76-77
BNXT League 05/01 18:00 1 [3] Den Bosch v Spirou Charleroi [5] L 69-77
BNXT League 04/26 18:30 1 [5] Limburg United v Den Bosch [3] W 66-82
BNXT League 04/19 18:00 1 [2] Den Bosch v Liege Basket [8] L 72-88
BNXT League 04/14 13:00 - [1] Oostende v Den Bosch [4] L 85-61

Wikipedia - Heroes Den Bosch

Heroes Den Bosch is a Dutch professional basketball club based in 's-Hertogenbosch. The club plays in the BNXT League since 2021 and in the top basketball division in the Netherlands since 1972. Founded as EBBC in 1951, the club had several sponsored names the following decades.

Den Bosch has won a record seventeen Dutch championships, a record eight Dutch Cups and two Dutch Supercup titles. The team has also been a regular at European competitions, most recently the FIBA Europe Cup. Heroes plays their home games at the Maaspoort, which has a capacity of approximately 2,700 people.


On 18 October 1952, Eerste Bossche Basketball Club (EBBC) was founded by Cees Vossen, Tom van der Leur, Hans van Oorschot and Frans van de Wiel. In 1962, Den Bosch played in the top division Eredivisie for the first time, but not very successful. Subsequently, the team was relegated again. In 1979, EBBC won its first title. In 1980, the team became Nashua Den Bosch after its new main sponsor. Its increased budget led to six consecutive Dutch titles between 1982 and 1987.

Nashua Den Bosch in the 1980s

Star player Mike Reddick, to the right of Aleksandar Đorđević, in 1988

In December 1979, Nashua signed as the club's new main sponsor. In the next 10 years, Nashua won 9 national championships and was close to the European top clubs. Star players such as Tom Barker, Dan Cramer, Mitchell Plaat, David Lawrence, Henk Pieterse, Paul Thompson and Mike Reddick played for Nashua in this decade.

Den Bosch changed its home arena to the newly built Maaspoort, increasing its home capacity from 1,200 to 3,500. Nashua played in the 1979 FIBA Intercontinental Cup.

EiffelTowers (2005–2013)

Decades later, in June 2005, Den Bosch merged with EiffelTowers Nijmegen to form EiffelTowers Den Bosch. Following the merger the club had one of the largest budgets in the Netherlands, and with that they were able to attract high-quality players. In their first season they had immediate success by winning the Dutch League title. The year after that (2006–07) EiffelTowers The Bosch would win the title again after a clean sweep against the Matrixx Magixx, after losing only four games in the regular season. The two following years, Den Bosch reached the finals, but lost twice to Amsterdam.

In 2012, EiffelTowers won its fifteenth Dutch championship, after beating ZZ Leiden 1–4 in a best-of-seven-series.

SPM Shoeters (2013–2016)

Nashua presenting five new players in 1987

After 13 years playing as the EiffelTowers, in 2013, the club changed its name to SPM Shoeters as a reference to its new main sponsor SPM Shoes and Boots, a shoe producer based in Waalwijk. Along with the name change the club changed the team colors to black, after playing in red since 2000.

In the 2014–15 season, Shoeters won its sixteenth DBL championship after Donar was beaten 4–1 in the Finals. The team also performed excellently in the EuroChallenge that season, reaching the Top 16. Star of the season for Den Bosch was Brandyn Curry, who was named DBL Playoffs MVP.

After the 2015–16 season, it was revealed that Shoeters was dealing with serious financial problems which had the team on the edge of bankruptcy.

New Heroes (2016–2019)

In October 2016, the team was bought by Triple Double BV, a sports marketing enterprise. Owner of the company Bob van Oosterhout took over the club which was no longer in danger of dissolution. On 6 November 2016, Den Bosch found a new main sponsor and subsequently was named New Heroes Basketball after signing a three-year deal with the local online training platform New Heroes. In its first season as New Heroes, the club finished fourth in the DBL and was swept by Donar in the semi-finals.

In the 2017–18 season, Croatian coach Silvano Poropat signed a two-year contract. Under Poropat, Heroes finished fourth once again but was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Rotterdam Basketbal. Following the disappointing season, Poropat and Heroes parted ways.

On 31 May 2018, Kees Akerboom Jr. announced his retirement at age 34. Akerboom, who played 11 seasons for the club, had his jersey number 12 retired.

For the 2018–19 season, Ivica Skelin was appointed as head coach. This season, New Heroes played in the FIBA Europe Cup after a European absence of 3 years. In Group D, Heroes had a 3–3 record and finished in third place. In the DBL playoffs, Den Bosch was once again eliminated in the semifinals, this time by Landstede.

Heroes Den Bosch (2019–present)

On 21 August 2019, the club announced it was changing its name to Heroes Den Bosch and it is not planning to change the club name anymore. In June, Heroes signed Jean-Marc Jaumin as its new head coach.

On 15 June 2021, Heroes signed three-time DBL champion Erik Braal as head coach. In the 2021–22 season, the DBL merged with the PBL into the BNXT League, in which the national leagues of Belgium and the Netherlands are combined. On 29 May 2022, Heroes ended a 7-year drought when it won its seventeenth national championship, beating ZZ Leiden in the finals series 3–2.

Den Bosch is a professional basketball team based in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. The team competes in the Dutch Basketball League, the highest level of basketball in the country. Den Bosch has a rich history in Dutch basketball, with multiple league championships and cup titles to their name.

Known for their fast-paced and high-scoring style of play, Den Bosch has a passionate fan base that fills the Maaspoort Sports & Events arena for home games. The team's colors are blue and white, and their mascot is a fierce dragon named Bossie.

Den Bosch has produced several talented players who have gone on to have successful careers both domestically and internationally. The team is known for its strong emphasis on player development and teamwork, making them a formidable opponent for any team in the Dutch Basketball League.

Overall, Den Bosch is a respected and competitive team in Dutch basketball, with a proud tradition of success and a bright future ahead.