LOL - Hitpoint Masters Summer


DateRHome vs Away-
06/17 14:00 - Entropiq vs Team UNiTY View
06/17 15:00 - eSuba vs GLORE View
06/17 16:00 - BRUTE vs OGC Esports View
06/17 17:00 - Dynamo Eclot vs Parakeet Gaming View
06/18 14:00 - Team UNiTY vs GLORE View
06/18 15:00 - Entropiq vs Dynamo Eclot View
06/18 16:00 - OGC Esports vs Parakeet Gaming View
06/18 17:00 - eSuba vs BRUTE View
06/21 14:00 - Team UNiTY vs Dynamo Eclot View
06/21 15:00 - Parakeet Gaming vs eSuba View
06/21 16:00 - OGC Esports vs GLORE View
06/21 17:00 - Entropiq vs BRUTE View


Date R Home vs Away -
06/14 17:00 - Parakeet Gaming vs Team UNiTY 0-1
06/14 16:00 - Dynamo Eclot vs BRUTE 0-1
06/14 15:00 - GLORE vs Entropiq 0-1
06/14 14:00 - OGC Esports vs eSuba 1-0
06/11 16:50 - BRUTE vs GLORE 0-1
06/11 15:50 - Team UNiTY vs OGC Esports 1-0
06/11 14:55 - Entropiq vs Parakeet Gaming 1-0
06/11 14:00 - eSuba vs Dynamo Eclot 0-1
06/07 16:55 - OGC Esports vs Entropiq 0-1
06/07 15:55 - Team UNiTY vs eSuba 1-0
06/07 15:00 - GLORE vs Dynamo Eclot 0-1
06/07 14:00 - Parakeet Gaming vs BRUTE 0-1
The "LOL - Hitpoint Masters Summer" is an exhilarating esports tournament that brings together the best League of Legends players from across the region. This highly anticipated event showcases the pinnacle of competitive gaming, where teams battle it out for glory, fame, and a substantial prize pool.

The tournament takes place during the summer season, adding an extra layer of excitement and intensity to the matches. As the heat rises outside, so does the competition inside the virtual arena. The event is organized by Hitpoint, a renowned esports organization known for their dedication to promoting and nurturing talent in the gaming industry.

Teams from various professional organizations and amateur leagues come together to prove their skills and strategies in the ever-evolving world of League of Legends. The tournament features a double elimination format, ensuring that every team has a fair chance to showcase their abilities and fight their way to the top.

The "LOL - Hitpoint Masters Summer" tournament is not only a platform for players to demonstrate their mastery of the game, but also an opportunity for fans to witness thrilling matches and support their favorite teams. The event is streamed live on popular streaming platforms, allowing viewers from around the world to tune in and experience the excitement firsthand.

The tournament is known for its high production value, with top-notch commentators and analysts providing insightful commentary and analysis throughout the matches. The electrifying atmosphere, combined with the intense gameplay, creates an unforgettable experience for both players and spectators alike.

The "LOL - Hitpoint Masters Summer" tournament is a celebration of the competitive spirit and camaraderie that esports fosters. It showcases the dedication, skill, and passion of the players, while also highlighting the ever-growing popularity and influence of esports in the global gaming community.