ITF W35 Antalya


Date R Home vs Away -
02/25 09:55 29 [415] Angela Fita Boluda vs Martina Colmegna [447] 6-0,6-2
02/24 11:15 28 Alice Rame vs Martina Colmegna 6-4,6-7,6-7
02/24 07:30 28 [386] Daniela Vismane vs Angela Fita Boluda [415] 7-6,3-6,4-6
02/23 10:35 27 Amarissa K Toth vs Alice Rame 5-7,2-6
02/23 07:30 27 [415] Angela Fita Boluda vs Seone Mendez [281] Retired
02/23 07:30 27 Daniela Vismane vs Nina Vargova 3-6,7-5,6-2
02/23 07:30 27 Alexandra Shubladze vs Martina Colmegna 2-6,2-6
02/22 10:10 26 [253] Selena Janicijevic vs Angela Fita Boluda [415] 2-6,2-6
02/22 09:05 26 Alice Rame vs Nuria Brancaccio 2-6,6-4,6-0
02/22 08:55 26 [440] Amarissa K Toth vs Deborah Chiesa [477] 6-4,6-4
02/22 08:20 26 [447] Martina Colmegna vs Ayla Aksu [352] 6-1,6-2
02/22 07:00 26 Sebastianna Scilipoti vs Nina Vargova Retired
The ITF W35 Antalya is a highly anticipated tennis tournament held in the beautiful coastal city of Antalya, Turkey. As part of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) Women's Circuit, this tournament attracts top-ranked female tennis players from around the world.

The tournament takes place on the pristine clay courts of the Antalya Tennis Complex, providing a picturesque backdrop for intense matches and thrilling competition. With a prize money of $35,000, the stakes are high, and players are determined to showcase their skills and climb the rankings.

The ITF W35 Antalya offers a platform for both established professionals and rising stars to compete against each other, creating an exciting mix of experience and youthful talent. Spectators can expect to witness fierce battles, strategic shot-making, and incredible athleticism as these athletes strive for victory.

The tournament spans over a week, featuring both singles and doubles matches. Each day brings a new set of exciting matchups, as players fight for a spot in the finals. The atmosphere is electric, with passionate fans cheering on their favorite players and creating an energetic ambiance throughout the complex.

Beyond the on-court action, the ITF W35 Antalya offers a range of amenities and facilities for players and spectators alike. From comfortable seating areas to delicious food options, attendees can enjoy a seamless and enjoyable experience throughout the tournament.

Overall, the ITF W35 Antalya is a must-see event for tennis enthusiasts and sports fans alike. With its stunning location, high-level competition, and vibrant atmosphere, this tournament promises to deliver an unforgettable tennis experience.