Schenna Women

Leagues Played
Italy Serie A2 Women 10


Italy Serie A2 Women 05/19 14:00 - Schenna Women v ASD Aretusa Women W 33-30
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/18 15:00 - Chiaravalle Women v Schenna Women L 30-18
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/17 13:00 - Ariosto Ferrara Women v Schenna Women L 24-21
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/15 17:00 - Laugen Women v Schenna Women W 28-30
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/12 12:00 - Marconi Jumpers Women v Schenna Women W 24-29
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/11 18:00 - Schenna Women v Guerriere Malo Women D 31-31
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/10 14:00 - Leonessa Brescia Women v Schenna Women L 28-24
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/06 14:00 - Tushe Prato Women v Schenna Women D 30-30
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/05 16:00 - Schenna Women v Olimpica Dossobuono Women L 21-25
Italy Serie A2 Women 05/04 14:00 - ASD Aretusa Women v Schenna Women W 20-23
The Schenna Women's Handball Team is a talented and dedicated group of female athletes who are passionate about the sport of handball. Based in the small town of Schenna, located in the northern region of Italy, this team has gained a reputation for their impressive skills and teamwork on the court.

The team is made up of a diverse group of players, ranging in age and experience levels. However, what they all share is a deep love for the game and a commitment to working together to achieve their goals. Whether they are practicing drills, strategizing for upcoming games, or competing in intense matches, the Schenna Women's Handball Team always gives their all.

Their style of play is characterized by their speed, agility, and precision. They are known for their quick passes, accurate shots, and strong defensive skills. Their teamwork is also a key factor in their success, as they are constantly communicating and supporting each other on the court.

Off the court, the Schenna Women's Handball Team is a tight-knit group that values camaraderie and sportsmanship. They are active in their community, often participating in local events and fundraisers. They also prioritize their physical and mental health, regularly engaging in fitness and wellness activities.

Overall, the Schenna Women's Handball Team is a force to be reckoned with in the world of handball. Their passion, skill, and teamwork make them a formidable opponent and a joy to watch on the court.