Salesianos de Lisboa U21

Leagues Played
Portugal U21 Champs 5
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Salesianos de Lisboa


Portugal U21 Champs 11/20 21:45 - Salesianos de Lisboa U21 v Scalipus CS U21 L 75-108
Portugal U21 Champs 11/13 21:45 - Carnide Clube U21 v Salesianos de Lisboa U21 L 74-47
Portugal U21 Champs 11/06 21:45 - Salesianos de Lisboa U21 v SIMECQ U21 W 71-55
Portugal U21 Champs 10/23 20:45 - Salesianos de Lisboa U21 v Academia Do Lumiar U21 L 48-71
Portugal U21 Champs 10/19 20:30 - Real Clube Vale Cavala U21 v Salesianos de Lisboa U21 L 103-67
Salesianos de Lisboa U21 is a highly competitive and talented basketball team based in Lisbon, Portugal. Comprised of young and promising players under the age of 21, this team is known for their exceptional skills, teamwork, and dedication to the sport.

The Salesianos de Lisboa U21 team has a rich history of success, consistently performing at a high level in various local and national tournaments. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their rigorous training sessions and their unwavering determination to improve and succeed.

The players of Salesianos de Lisboa U21 possess a wide range of basketball skills, including impressive shooting accuracy, exceptional ball handling, and strong defensive abilities. They are known for their quickness, agility, and ability to adapt to different game situations, making them a formidable opponent on the court.

What sets Salesianos de Lisboa U21 apart is their strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. The players have developed a deep understanding of each other's playing styles and strengths, allowing them to seamlessly coordinate their movements and execute effective strategies during games. This cohesion and unity contribute to their success and make them a force to be reckoned with in the basketball community.

Off the court, Salesianos de Lisboa U21 players are known for their sportsmanship and professionalism. They embody the values of fair play and respect, both towards their teammates and opponents. Their dedication to the sport extends beyond the court, as they actively engage in community service and mentorship programs, inspiring younger generations to pursue their passion for basketball.

Overall, Salesianos de Lisboa U21 is a talented and highly respected basketball team that consistently showcases their skills, teamwork, and dedication to the sport. With their impressive track record and commitment to excellence, they continue to make a significant impact in the basketball community in Lisbon and beyond.